Theater (2019) is a body of work that analyzes and reconstructs the expression methods of Baroque art, especially literature and performance art of the period. I thought the social situation of the Baroque period was analogous to 2019 when I conceived this body of work. Europe underwent a period of reform in many ways in the 15th to 17th centuries when Baroque art flourished. Radical scientific discoveries by scientists such as Copernicus and Newton ultimately changed how people perceive the world. With John Locke's theory of social contract, the concept of the state changed significantly. At the same time, fears of death from the plague prevailed. Similarly, in 2019, rapid advances in science required new ways of recognition and redesigned human behavior. Globalization has changed the concept of the country and border. Climate change and the global pandemic are threatening human survival.

Theater series (2019) consists of seven screen-printed leather and mirrors. Repetitive patterns reminiscent of animals and plants printed on leather represent fractal structures in which parts represent the whole. The mirror in the center visualizes the concept of performance art in the Baroque period; the world is a play (Theatrum Mundi). If the play is a reflection of the real world, will the mirror in the play amplify the illusion of the play? Or will it be a device that shows the audience facing the stage and reveals the truth of the fictional setting of the theater? Through my work exploring the Baroque performance art that accepts complexity in rapidly changing times, I visualized and analyzed how artificial expression mediates the individual, cultural world, and authentic experience to explore how social circumstance interacts with the aesthetic experience.

2019, silkscreen on leather and mirror

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
2019, silkscreen on leather and mirror

Family tragedy
2019, silkscreen on leather

2019, silkscreen on leather and mirror