On Observation 


On Observation (2024) represents the experiential sensation of being a spectator of spectacle, with a focus on the ocular system.

This work is a creative result of a close examination of the internalization process of spectacle. While surrounded by the massive natural landscape of Iceland, I came to contemplate the sensation of being a witness to the ever-changing world, Earth's timeline, as a transient being.

The image of imaginary spectators (Observer 1, 2) and diagrams articulating their operation process are depicted using spirulina. Spirulina is one of the earliest life forms that started photosynthesis. The fact that spirulina is light-sensitive is analogous to how our eyes function. Being one of the ancient life forms on Earth, it opens up to the imagination of the collective experience of human and non-human species.

* On Observation (2024) is aligned with my long-term exploration of aesthetic experience and the act of seeing. This line of thought elucidates our internal system to perceive the outside world, the system that conditions the mode of perception and the status of entities. To learn more, please refer to Gaze - 2 1/2 - Landscape: Lens - On Observation.

*On Observation (2024) was created during the artist residency program, SÍM Residency, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Photo credit: Francesco Giordano, Vishakha Moretto