Landscape: Lens

2019 - 2020

Landscape: Lens turns a glance into bodily performance.

Images on the mirrors are imaginary landscapes composed of the anatomical images of the eye, such as the optic nerve, vitreous body, and retina.
The works induce subtle movements of eye muscles that occur when viewers focus on the image of the work and refocus on their reflection in the mirror. Through this, the images on the mirrors serve as a medium analogous to a lens to make the viewer aware of the moment of observation physically, continuously contracting and releasing the muscle around their iris.

Landscape: Lens is aligned with my long-term exploration of aesthetic experience and the act of seeing. This line of thought elucidates our internal system to perceive the outside world, the system that conditions the mode of perception and the status of entities.

To learn more, please refer to Gaze - 2 1/2 - Landscape: Lens - On Observation.

풍경_렌즈 (2019/2020)는 전시 상황에서 관람객의 물리적 존재감을 강조한다.

거울에 실크스크린으로 표현된 이미지는 시각 신경, 유리체, 망막과 같은 눈의 해부학적 이미지로 구성되어 있다. 거울에 그려진 그림들은 마치 렌즈처럼 보는 사람이 관찰의 순간을 인지하고 홍채가 지속적으로 수축되고 팽창하는 매개체 역할을 한다.